What to do when frustrated?

creativity“WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU ARE FRUSTRATED?” This question is a part of our life and if not the question then definitely, its answer is an eminent part of our lives. Well, the answer is quite simple – ‘we vent it out’.

So what exactly do we do to relieve our frustration? I believe that the answer to this question lies in the fact that we express or channel this frustration into something else or somewhere else. The constructive way of venting out frustration is to channel this energy in a positive direction rather than going on a rampage and being destructive, because that will only add up to your frustration. Being grumpy and negative will only add up to your frustation and may lead you to depression in the long run. Understanding this concept is like a simple maths equation that two negatives don’t make a positive only a big positive makes something negative into positive. What I am trying to convey here is that, we should do things that makes us happy or help us to express ourselves in a creative manner.


I categorize these art of expressions into 3 forms. That is we express ourselves in the following 3 ways:-

  1. First in this form of expression is PHYSICAL. We express ourselves physically in different forms like dance, playing sports, gyming, gardening, meditation etc , etc and even crying too. So whatever activity that you can think of which involves our physical strength comes under this form of expression.
  2. The second form of expression is VERBAL. For example we rant in front of our friends or sing a song, do karaoke etc. these are all oral ways of expression.
  3. The last and third form is WRITTEN and the best example of this form of expression is the post I’m writing myself. People paint, write poems, letters, mails, blogs, novels etc. and all this comes under this category.

If you notice then this pent-up frustrated energy if channelized in the right direction can produce your best work. So you see, creativity can be derived from frustration also and that is what I am trying to say only a positive cancels a negative.

Every cloud has a silver lining and that is why if you feel frustrated or low simply do something that makes you happy. Express what you feel in your form of expression. When my friend asked me yesterday that what do you do when you get frustrated, I replied without giving a second thought that I write . It kind of heals me and makes me feel happy and satisfied. So every time I write, I bare a part of me in a very generic manner but it’s there out in the open whatever I have felt, to be viewed or criticized by anybody or everybody. Maybe they can relate to it or learn something from it. Its my solace and similarly , it can be some other form of expression for someone else.

A lotus always grows in mud and it is still very beautiful. So make something beautiful and positive when you feel frustrated or low instead of sulking because that will eventually lift up your mood and make you feel good about yourself .

Thanks for reading! I would also love to hear your views so, feel free to share your thoughts with me. 🙂


The root of hesitation


Does being hesitant on something means you are under-confident, shy or an introvert?

I have pondered over these things and I realised that hesitating over somethings in your life doesn’t generally mean that you are an under confident person or an introvert. A confident person can also hesitate on somethings. I hesitate all the time and especially when it comes to the things I really like but neither I’m an introvert nor an under-confident person. Maybe its my fear that what if I get negative feedback or I get criticised for it that makes me hesitate before finally going for it.

For example I love to write but I still hesitate sometimes that what if other people don’t think my writing is upto the mark. It took me so long to even start writing my blog and a push from other people to make me realize that yes it’s my talent and I should make an effort to put it across others. Similarly I have this anxiety in everything  that people have ever told me I was good at and I have truly liked because, everytime I showcase it, there is a fear of it not being well received. I think that what is really close to your heart will always have this kind of impact. If I have to give an analogy for this then its the same anxiety or nervousness that you feel when you bring a man you love home to meet your parents, or the first time you introduce someone whom you genuinely have an affection for to your best friends. You hesitate so many times before bringing him to meet your parents because you are afraid whether they will approve or not? And same is the case with your friends who belong to your innermost sanctum. You pray all the time that it goes well and they like him too.

Human beings are social animals and we thrive in a society. Recently, I read an article on Caitlyn Jenner in The Guardian US edition, about her transition and a little gist of what is there in her biography that the interviewer wrote. I read a line where she herself confessed that she downplayed the whole gender issue with Kris before their marriage because she so wanted to be in the game, and at one point where she was around 40 she had also left the thought of transitioning but she transitioned after 25 years. So, the point that stuck with me was she hesitated over a decision and did it after 25 years because, we live in a society, we are society animals and we like to have approval and acceptance of the society we live in.

So, is overcoming your hesitation easy? No! its not, because hesitation comes where you really care about the thing on which people are going to form opinions. But yes, once you gain the confidence that no matter what peoples’ opinions are and become aware of the fact that they are only opinions, then I think it becomes easy to do what you like. As long as you feel it gives you true happiness then I believe it is worth defying the public and society opinions.

We only live once and what’s the point of living if you cannot do something that gives you happiness and that too only because of the fear that some people would react to it negatively or would criticise you. So, yes it takes courage to overcome that hesitancy but as long as nobody else gets harmed because of what you do, then you should give it a go if it gives you satisfaction and happiness.

P.S- Thanks for reading and I would love to hear from you guys! I would be happy to know your feedback and views.