The Dark Passenger

What exactly makes a person good or bad? Why can’t then people accept that they do have dark side? Yes, for some it may be darker than the others as well but still, even the brightest stars in the universe are surrounded by the dark. It’s upto you to show your bright or dark side. So many people think that the good and bad are mutually exclusive of each other but no, they both coexist. They exist within each of us and makes us who we are, that is ‘HUMANS’.
To err is human.



Inside each of us, there is the seed of both good and evil. It’s a constant struggle as to which one will win. And one cannot exist without the other.
Eric Burdon

We all have a good and a bad side residing within us. Deep down somewhere in our souls we know, they both exist and are equally a part of us. They are two sides of the same coin. I don’t believe in people who claim that they are all good or all evil. No! that is just impossible. Even a good person may have done something bad for another while doing something good for someone else and vice versa, an evil person also might have done something good for someone while doing the harm to another. 

I was a big fan of this TV series called as ‘DEXTER’. That is the perfect example of what I’m trying to write and explain here. This guy Dexter was the protagonist as well as the antagonist of the whole series. He used to call his dark side as ‘The dark passenger’ and you can see his struggle or how he is the amalgam of both good and bad. He is capable of loving but at the same time capable of murdering. He liked to kill people but he turned that part of his to kill the criminals who escape justice. Now , I don’t say what he did was right but you cannot also say that he was wrong. What if he killed the innocents? Probably then he would have been totally wrong but his father ingrained in him to kill only criminals. Still, he was loyal, he loved his sister, his step kids. So, you see we each carry our own ‘Dark passenger’ who travels with us.

capture“No good deed goes unpunished.”
Dan Brown, Angels & Demons

There is this ‘RELATIVITY‘ theory of mine which I’ll probably write about in my next blog hopefully. However,the reason why I’m mentioning ‘relativity’ here is because whatever good or bad you do is measured up in relativity. It is a simple concept like, you cannot make everyone happy. While making someone happy, you must have caused some grief to someone else. Lets take a simple situation where you have got two of your friends vying for this one position left for a volunteer in some program. Now, you are a part of the program already and the selector asks you to tell them whom to choose as you know both and there, you have your dilemma presented to you on a plate. Although, you would be friends with both of them but still you are only going to give only one person’s name eventually making the other unhappy . So through no fault of yours or that other person’s you still land up making that other friend of yours unhappy, and maybe you don’t know but that position might have been important for him. There you go! You just did something bad for that person but that, doesn’t make you a bad person. Does it?

When you do a little bad by choosing to do a good far greater than it, then why do we feel so distressed about our bad deed? The answer to that question is quite simple.

There are people and there are situations that always await us to trigger our dark sides.
The only difference between a good person and a bad person is that which side of his character is dominant. Sometimes the situations decide which part of ours is dominant and sometimes the person himself decides which part he has to keep dominant. So the person whose angel’s side prevails over his demon’s side are the ones who get distressed over the fact, that they did a little bit bad in the course of doing more good.

“No matter how much we might wish it, there is no way to build a lock that only angels can open and demons cannot. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either ignorant of the mathematics or less of an angel than they appear.”
CGP Grey

Earlier in the start of this post I stated that I don’t believe in people’s claim of being only good , because how are you ever going to build a demeanour which only your angel’s side can access but not your devil’s side? 

You know it doesn’t matter however good a person might be,sometimes, somewhere, for some reason they might have also done a bad thing intentionally. They would have done it maybe once or twice but oh yeah! They have definitely done it. It doesn’t matter when , how and where but someday everybody meets their dark side, because everybody is just another human being not God. The only consolation in this long waging war of good and bad in our soul is that, a good man will always find a way to switch from his dark side to his bright side, as soon as possible.

So, I don’t think one needs to over think or distress for doing something wrong while doing something else which is good. Ofcourse people who are bad, are bad. You can’t give them any advice , it’s just a matter of wasting your breath. However for people who are good my only advice is:-

Don’t feel bad because sometimes you have to do something wrong for being right. Do whatever makes sense and feels right to you, because as long as you can justify it to yourself for it being right, then you are right. Nobody can be a better judge of your character for what you did is right or wrong. You should be the one, who should feel it in your soul that what you did was right.

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