It lurks in the center,
It wears a disguise.
It hides in the darkness.
It lives when it dies.

What we know,
No one knows.
An event yet to see.
Defying the laws,
The horizon unseen.

Its a beautiful poem that I came across on the internet which gave me the idea to write this blog. Some of the best moments that we live in our period of happiness are the ones that cut us deep.
We try to bury them, forget them, ignore them, neglect them but then, what? We still feel the melancholia every time it comes across.

We each have our own black holes. We don’t see the event horizon but when we come across this event horizon, the black hole pull us with so much gravity that we fall without breaking the monotony. This is the veracious situation of our lives that even though we have been hurt by them, we are still not able to avoid it. Those similar circumstances of our past whenever they occur in our present or future drag us again in them even if we don’t want to.

The most acrimonious situations, persons etc. are the ones that form our very own personal black holes. We call it making the same mistake again and again. But the truth of the matter is, its like a black hole for us. We cannot escape making that mistake again. Sometimes with the same people and different situations , sometimes with different people and same situations. At the time we think its innocuous but no, it never is. The only one who gets hurt is yourself.
It is an enervating process but that is what is life all about. Sometimes the brightest star in our universe falls upon itself and creates a black hole in that same universe where it used to shine with happiness.

The best decision that you can make is to identify a potential threat and orbit it from a safe distance. So that its gravity helps you to keep stable not fall into it. Well that is what a wise person would do.

But the elephant that stands in the room is WHO IS SO WISE ALWAYS? We are all flawed because we are just being humans. So even though we don’t know exactly what is inside a literal black hole, but perhaps we could always try to explore what is inside our black holes. As that adventure may prove an interesting chapter of your life.😉😉😉

Author: notionsinmotions

Still in the way of discovering.

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